5 Easy Resolutions for 2019

The new year is an opportunity to set goals for yourself, whether that may be to make more time for yourself, finally finish that book you started months ago, or introduce yourself to new people; there’s always something to strive for! We asked our team to share some of their resolutions. Here’s what we heard, along with tips and tricks to help obtain their goals!


Resolution: Travel more

How to check it off: Do your research

  1. The best time to book airline tickets for the best bang of your buck is about two months before you fly and early in the week when airlines adjust fares.
  2. Go to National and State Parks- admission fees are manageable and often go by car rate rather than person. Just about everything the park has to offer: tours, transportation, trails, and of course, wildlife, is free!
  3. Don’t forget about your good friend, public transportation. Check out the local routes, just about any city will have bus, train or underground.


Resolution: Read more books

How to check it off: Schedule reading time at least once a week

  1. Always carry your book on you or try getting an audible book that way you can listen anywhere, especially if you’re a commuter.
  2. Creating a bedtime reading ritual helps to signal your body that it’s time to wind down.
  3. Researchers have found that reading can reduce stress by 68%.


Resolution: Live in the moment

How to check it off: Focus on the present

  1. Journaling and staying organized with your work schedule and chores will help you relax and feel at ease in your leisure time.
  2. Be grateful for the people in your life and all your accomplishments.
  3. If your mind is occupied by things you have no control over, refocus and get control of both how you’re thinking and how you feel.


Resolution: Spend less and save more

How to check it off: New money management routine

  1. Create a daily and weekly spending record- grab a journal or download a free app and start keeping track! Visualizing where your money goes will help you cut down on unnecessary purchases.
  2. Use weekly sale ads to help create a budget friendly grocery list and pre-plan those meals!
  3. If public transportation isn’t an option for you, when your car needs more gas give yourself enough time to scope out the cheapest gas station.


Resolution: Start up a workout plan

How to check it off: Take small steps

  1. Schedule in time to work out, even if it is a rest day and you stretch out. It is easier to stick to a routine.
  2. Consistency over intensity- don’t overcommit or over-perform yourself. Avoid feeling burnout by gradually spending more time and effort on your workout.
  3. Don’t skip out on your warm-up and cool down… which includes staying hydrated and fueled up!

Sulzer Squad

Cristina Moreno, HR Coordinator

Meet Cristina Moreno, Sulzer’s HR Coordinator. Cristina has been a HR Coordinator at Sulzer since May 2018. Her favorite part of the role is coordinating and attending office events because she gets to interact with everyone in the company and see everyone having fun! Her biggest accomplishment so far has been receiving the aPHR certification and her goal is to attend graduate school in the near future so she can continue learning. When she’s not handling all things human, Cristina enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and her two Miniature Pinscher puppies. She is so excited to see Sulzer grow and is proud to be part of it!

A Spoonful of Holiday Cheer From Sulzer US

Happy Holidays from Sulzer US! Every year we like to send out a special treat to all our clients to show our appreciation of them. This year, we got together to make DIY chocolate dipped spoons topped with different festive candies— the perfect treat to help mix together any cup of hot cocoa. The Sulzer Squad hopes that everyone is starting off their holiday season with some of their very own delicious delights! 

Happy Holidays!



Introducing the Sulzer US Culture Deck

What is culture and what does the culture feel like at Sulzer? To answer those great questions, Sulzer US recently unveiled their culture deck. The Sulzer Culture Deck covers everything under the sun about what it means to be a member of the Sulzer Squad. Our new interns and employees receive their own mini book during their first few days at Sulzer. The culture deck is a great resource for a quick reminder of what our team values and expects, as well as pointing out the unique features our office has to offer. It even includes a glossary with some key words you might hear around the office. Throughout the book there are blank pages so one can take notes and write their own story. 

“A Day in the Life” Series: Application Support Specialist

Meet: Lukas

Title: Application Support Specialist

Location: Montvale, NJ

Time with Sulzer: 5 years

Team Size: 8


Quick overview of role:

As an application support specialist I am responsible for managing the various software applications developed by us, Sulzer US, LLC or by a third party.



On an average day…

9:00am – Usually my day starts around 9 am. The first thing I do is check the status of the applications to see if they survived the night .

10:00am – Shortly after warming up for the day, I start the daily for my current project for Rolls Royce. I communicate with the people at Sulzer in Germany to coordinate the next steps. We talk about what was done the previous day, and what needs to be done within the upcoming 24 hours. Recently, we introduced the Scrum approach across a few projects so I am still trying to get used to it.  

11:00am – Here the work begins. I analyze the user stories that were submitted for one of my applications. The stories may vary from simple issues like login problems, to data analysis, and collections or debugging .

12:00pm – Around this time I have my lunch, which I mostly prepare myself. After a few years of practicing, it became a hobby of mine. My go-to is pasta with sauce, since doesn’t take too long to make.

1:00pm – Coming back after the break I continue with the stories.

4:00pm – Every other week, I connect with my colleagues from BMW in California to plan the next steps for the use cases. We’re helping the environment with this project by attempting to reduce the load on the grid, while the participants are charging their electric vehicles. The users who participate will be rewarded in the end. To read more about ChargeFoward, check out this article:

6:00pm – At the end of the day, I like to reflect on what I’ve done by updating JIRA – our ticketing system.



Favorite part about role:

I enjoy the variety of projects that I get to work on. Each individual one has its own level of analysis: some may be easy and others may be complex, which takes longer to complete. I love how each story is unique.

Words of advice for someone starting their career:

Don’t be afraid to try new things – you hear it everywhere but I think it’s very important. Sometimes things don’t go right, so try a new technique and be creative. At first, I thought there was only one way to approach my work but I learned that’s not true; there will always be another way to “workaround” it.







Sulzer Squad

Aqib Abass, Software Developer

 Meet Aqib Abass, Software Developer. Aqib has been a Software Developer at Sulzer for 10 months. His favorite part of the role is to learn every day because every day you get a new challenge to solve! His biggest accomplishment so far has been to deliver the ChargeForward project for BMW’s electric cars, the goal of which is to optimize charging for electric vehicles. When he’s not handling all things development, Aqib enjoys working out, swimming, cooking, and travelling. Be on the lookout for more updates on Build Your Own project for BMW because Aqib is working hard behind it!

“Coasting” into the Holiday Season

The Sulzer Squad loves to do new activities together – especially during the holidays! We jump started December with a DIY coaster decorating activity and our annual LAN party! At the coaster table, the squad got to show off their creative side while getting to know our two new interns.


On the other side of the office, was the LAN party (Local Area Network). The gamers hooked their computers up and played until 2AM. They turned the conference rooms into game rooms for the night as they played Counter Source Strike and the new Fifa 19, a little fun for everyone.

Cheers to the Holiday season!





Supporting Veterans at Sulzer US

As we take today to honor all military veterans, the team at Sulzer US concludes its first clothing drive in support of the Purple Heart Foundation. The Purple Heart Foundation provides support to veterans and their families through grants, outreach programs, and donations to organizations whose programs help veterans.

The clothing drive, held through the months of October and early November, turned out to be a great success! Team members graciously donated gently used clothing, handbags, and shoes in support of the Foundation. We are so grateful for everyone’s participation.

Happy Veterans Day!

Sulzer Squad


Holger Ruettgardt, Delivery Manager

Meet Holger, our Delivery Manager. Holger joined Sulzer US as a Service Manager in August 2017 and was recently promoted to Delivery Manager. His favorite part of the role is also the most rewarding – to see people grow into their roles and reach their full potential, even sometimes above their own expectations. Holger’s biggest accomplishment so far has been adjusting to the company culture, which is very different compared to his former jobs, and of course settle down in the US which is very different from all the places he lived in Europe. His goals for the near future are to continue supporting the team and the company to reach set goals and planned growth. Outside of work, Holger enjoys sports, reading a catching sci-fi novel or hitting the cinema for a nice movie. Be on the lookout for more updates on our new projects as 2019 will be big for us at Sulzer US!

Cyber Security – Quiz

Uh oh! Halloween is over, but are you too afraid to take our pop quiz? Find out what IT security topics cause fear in your life by taking our short pop quiz and reflecting on where you need to improve. The questions for this quiz can be found throughout the Sulzer Security Newsletters, beginning in November of 2017. Good luck!!

1. Which of the following is easily preventable by awareness of your physical location? (November)


2. The best way to make sure your newly gifted devices are secure after opening them during the holiday is to: (December)


3. Which of the following is not one of the three ways to prevent ransom ware attack? (January)


4. Cybercrime is a _____ industry per 2017 (February)


5. According to CNN, ____ cyber criminals were responsible for a cumulative of $530 million in cyber-related crimes per 2018 (March)


6. Today’s smartphones have more computing power than NASA used to send Neil Armstrong to the (April)


7. What is the best thing to do when deleting an application from a device that you have installed the application on? (May)


8. Which of the following is not a password attack? (June)


9. The GDRP discussions began in what year? (July)


10. Which of the following is a true statement: (August)?


11. This piece of hardware enhances multi factor authentication: (September)