Farewell 2019

We’ve celebrated holidays, birthdays, weddings, new babies, new homes, and much more!
We made our own tie-dyed clothes for Pride Month and raised money at an event for the Human Rights Campaign. Custom planters and flowers started sprouting in the middle of spring, and by the end of the summer, it was time to host our annual Sulzer Summer Picnic. It’s always great fun with the team to eat, drink, and play games! You can never forget the games in the office, as well. Foosball is a Sulzer classic!
This year, we also accepted the Sulzer GmbH Hans Sulzer Award for “We Are Open to New Ideas,” which is given to employees who exemplify qualities in the workplace that are reflective of the Sulzer company values. Thank you to our international colleagues for this recognition.

And where would we be without all the treats!! Donuts for no reason? Yes, please. Birthday cakes made of ice cream sandwiches?! Count me in for leftovers, too.

We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! See you in 2020!

Escape Room

We saved the world, and we escaped!!

Our last team outing was to an Escape Room, where we split into teams and raced to escape! Everyone demonstrated great communication and team work, and both teams made it out in under an hour!

Summerfest 2019

Last week, we celebrated the end of the summer with our annual Summerfest!
We had a great time with our colleagues, friends, and family as we grilled food and played volleyball, cornhole, giant Jenga, and more! We also had our first Sulzies, the awards inspired by the Dundies from the show “The Office.” Thank you to all those who helped make Summerfest 2019 a great success and for continuing to be *stars* of the Sulzer Squad!



Hans Sulzer Award

We are honored to accept a Sulzer GmbH Hans Sulzer Award!


Sulzer GmbH, our headquarters in Germany, presents awards each year in six categories to employees who exemplify qualities in the workplace that are reflective of the Sulzer company values. One of these categories is “We are Always Open to New Ideas.” On Thursday, August 8th, Sulzer GmbH announced that Sulzer US as an entire team was nominated for and won this category! We gathered in our common area to live stream the ceremony with our German colleagues.



“Dear Sulzer US,
You have embodied our common core value of being open to new things. You are setting great examples with your collaborative approach to delivering best-in-class solutions alongside your German colleagues. Aside from the fact that you have expanded the Sulzer services to a new continent, you have never stopped bringing innovations back to the organization, while communicating mobile app solutions in iOS and Android, as well as 3D configurators. You always have an open hand to the German colleagues, even if it is showing your expertise at 4:00 AM for meetings, presentations, or pitches. Despite the distance to the headquarters in Germany, you still manage to live with the Sulzer spirit every day. Thank you very much for the courage and the urge to explore new ideas and innovations.”


Previously named “Sommerfest Awards,” the ceremony this year was renamed and dedicated to the late President of Sulzer GmbH, Hans Sulzer. We accept this reward in his honor and will continue to live up to the highest standards that all of the Sulzer company represents.


Pride Month

June came and went, but our pride will be forever!
Throughout the past month, we celebrated diversity and inclusion with themed lunches and activities. We love getting together as a team to do fun projects and go to outings, because it’s important to work hard and play hard! First, we did a tie-dye activity. It was a gorgeous day outside, so we set up a tarp, grabbed all the rubber bands we could find, and colored away. Then we showed off our wearable artwork at the Bogota Golf Center for a round of mini-golf!
In the process, we raised money in support of the Human Rights Campaign, a foundation dedicated to the advocacy of LGBTQ equality. Additional funds were donated for every hole-in-one, so we tried our best to be the next Tiger Woods of mini-golf! Thank you to all who participated and helped spread the love.




Pride Month

Have you noticed our remastered logo? We’re seeing and feeling pride!

June is Pride Month, which commemorates the history and acceptance of the LGBTQ community. At Sulzer US, we are always sure to come together and celebrate each other. This month, we look to host a Pride Party and a charity ride at one of our favorite gyms. Check back at the end of the month for a recap of our festivities!


No matter who you are, no matter who you love, we support you!

Bootcamp Breakdown

As Sulzer US continues to grow, we have been lucky enough to find some of our employees through various bootcamps! In “Bootcamp Breakdown,” we’ll give you insight from our experienced team members on how they prepared for coding bootcamp and what they learned from their journeys.

Evan from Columbia Engineering


A little about Evan…

Evan found the Columbia Full- Stack Web Development bootcamp through an online ad. The bootcamp sent him some basic paperwork in the mail and after completing it, he was ready for the six-month, part-time journey. Evan found coding in a group to be very different from other types of group projects. He found constant communication was a must. It was also important to be extremely careful when editing someone else’s code. Besides covering dozens of other different technologies, Evan is pleased to have learned a lot about how to use Google’s search engine to its maximum benefit.

By the end of the bootcamp, Evan created his favorite project–a pronunciation quiz for his ESL (English as a Second Language) students. The quiz played audio of two similar English words and the student had to choose what word was being said. Evan used jQuery and Bootstrap. Even though these technologies aren’t as advanced as others, Evan was able to complete the project early in the bootcamp. That’s impressive!

What is his advice for future bootcamp students?

“Take every assignment one step further. The homework assignments are practically spoon-fed to you if you pay attention to the classwork. The best way to learn more is to push the limits and try to do something that’s way out of your depth.”



Sulzer Squad

Christian Egglin, Software Developer 

Meet Christian Egglin, Software Developer. Christian started with Sulzer US as an intern and recently flipped to a full-time position! His favorite aspect of the role is seeing front-end development finally come together since it requires a lot of problem solving and hard work. Christian’s biggest accomplishments at Sulzer US so far have been building out the BMW Online Driver’s Guide and Daimler Digital Claim Management projects. His goal is to eventually become a project lead. When he’s not handling all things development, Christian enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and tennis.

NEW! Bootcamp Breakdown

 Coding bootcamps are high-impact training courses for coders looking to enter the tech industry job market. They are popular among students who want to learn the skills that employers in the real world are looking for, and therefore also popular among job recruiters. Often referred to as the “fast track” to well-paying tech jobs, bootcamps offer lower tuition costs, shorter class times, and a practical learning curriculum.

As Sulzer US continues to grow, we have been lucky enough to find some of our employees through various bootcamps! With the introduction of our new blog series, “Bootcamp Breakdown,” we’ll give you insight from our experienced team members on how they prepared for coding bootcamp and what they learned from their journeys.

First up…Garrett!

Garrett from General Assembly


A little about Garrett…

Upon diligently researching for bootcamps, Garrett discovered General Assembly in NYC. Before committing to the camp, he took online courses in basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make sure the event was something he would enjoy. Garrett attended the camp for about 3 months where he learned how to adopt a higher-level view and goal-oriented attitude. The bootcamp taught him to take a step back, look at the big picture, and to focus on the goal and meaning behind every task.

Despite the 5 days per week, 8 hours per day of learning, coding, and practicing at a frantic pace, Garrett successfully created a final project─ an app for comedians. The app would record all their notes and jokes and then craft “routines” using the recordings. The project including a culmination of things he learned over the course of the program.

What is his advice for future bootcamp students?

“Forget everything you know and all the old ways you know of doing things. I had to work hard on, sort of, re-writing my brain chemistry to start thinking like a developer, instead of like a journalist who codes. Have an open mind and don’t be scared by the challenges – embrace them and use them to make yourself better.”