Sulzer Squad

Sulzer Squad


Navneet Purba, Junior IT Project Manager

Meet our Junior IT Project Manager, Navneet Purba. She started working with us in October 2017. In just five months, she has grown as a leader and says her biggest accomplishment as Sulzer so far is managing more large-scale projects on her own. Each day, she always tries to learn as much as she can about how to become a successful project manager. Navneet also plans on pursuing her MBA in order to work in upper management, where she can one day lead her own team of project managers! Her hobbies include reading, hiking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. She played varsity tennis all four year of high school and aspired to continue playing in college, but after a knee injury, Navneet had to stop playing. Today, with her positive attitude and love for the sport, she gives tennis lessons in her free time!

Meet the Interns!

Say hello to Janina, Rafael, and Martin!

They are our latest round of interns at Sulzer, US! We have one intern in project management and two in application development. They are all full-time interns who come from abroad. (Each of them hails from Germany!)



Janina Seluga is our Project Management Intern from Munich, Germany. She began her six-month stint with Sulzer US in August 2017. Janina is a student and had a requirement to complete an internship for her university. Since she was already working for Sulzer GmbH in Germany for the past four years, she learned about the possibility of completing the requirement with Sulzer in the US! Not only did she have a knowledge base of the company, but Janina was also interested is seeing other countries, so she applied! As our Project Management Intern, she is proud of her work and the fact that she is given responsibility for small projects. This is not an internship where you need to be getting coffee or working on a superior’s project! She manages her own projects and is gaining great experience since the scope of her projects are all different. The best advice she’s received while being here is, “Problems are no problem. Think of them as challenges!” Outside of work, Janina likes to run, play tennis, read, cook and travel!




Rafael Muselmann is one of our Application Development Interns. He is from Gaimersheim, Germany. Since September 2017, he has been with Sulzer US working on various projects such as BA Online, a web application used to display a car’s manual, as well as the ChargeForward project alongside another intern, Martin. Like Janina, he is also a student completing his six-month internship requirement. His favorite parts about being at Sulzer US are the friendly colleagues and meeting up with each other outside of work for a game of soccer! When he’s not working, he likes to windsurf and play piano. He’s also a fellow blogger! He writes posts regularly about his time in the US and shares them with his family and friends back in Germany. It’s a great way to keep in touch and share his experiences!


Janina and Rafael took weekend trips to places like Atlantic City, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia!!




Martin Langbecker, our other Application Development Intern, is also here for a six-month internship. He resides in Hamburg, Germany and studies Computer Science in Ilmenau, Germany. He decided to apply for an internship in the US the moment he saw the opportunity! He previously lived in the states and knew he wanted to continue his studies abroad, so he’s back! Since September, Martin has been with Sulzer US working on interesting and relevant e-mobility projects, specifically, ChargeForward. The best advice he’s received so far is, “Transparency, honesty, and communication are keys to a successful project.” Outside of work, Martin likes to go bouldering, reads, and plays guitar. He takes his passion for music even further by organizing living room concerts! He put together more than 20 concerts when he lived in Germany!


Interning in another country is quite the experience and these three have been making the most of it! And while they are only here for a couple more months, we have all enjoyed working with and getting to know our wonderful interns.

We look forward to continuing to provide a learning experience for interns like Janina, Rafael, and Martin, and we value the hard work that they contribute on a daily basis!




The Sulzer Squad

Matthew McCaffrey, Jr. Cyber Security Consultant

Matthew McCaffrey is Sulzer’s Jr. Cyber Security Consultant. Since September, he has been working hard on IT Security Concepts for a variety of our clients’ products. In the near future, he would like to pursue a Master’s degree in cyber security. Matt enjoys all types of travel destinations; his favorite is Snowmass, Colorado, but he also wants to plan a tropical vacation soon! Some of his hobbies are working out, going snowboarding, and golfing, and he’s musically gifted, too. (He played the tuba for 7 years!!) What drew Matt to Sulzer was the relaxed environment. Everyone here works hard, but is also very personable and easy going.

The Sulzer Squad

Olivia Perez, HR Coordinator

Olivia Perez is our HR Coordinator. She started in October of this year and jumped right into assisting with recruiting efforts. Her goal at Sulzer US is to be a vital part of the growth of the company and believes this growth will provide the greatest sense of accomplishment in the position. One of her personal goals is to travel more often. She thinks it’s important to experience new places and learn new cultures, and of course try all the great food! She’s visited the Bahamas, which is her all-time favorite destination because of the beautiful beaches and friendly natives. Olivia’s fun fact is that she’s also a blogger and YouTube vlogger!! Her channel consists of all things beauty and lifestyle related. Her favorite part about working at Sulzer US is the culture and the people. She says, “Everyone is warm, welcoming, and fun!”

The Sulzer Squad

Saif Tase, Junior Application Developer

Meet Saif, a Junior Application Developer. He started as an intern in June and only two months later, he is our newest full-time employee! Deploying code for use in the real world is what Saif thrives on. He feels accomplished knowing that his work on Dealer Media Technology is being used by dealers in their showrooms and that online users can visit the BMW Motorcycle site and experience the Build Your Own feature. He is also currently working on the HTML version of Digital Sales Desk for use at dealerships nationwide. When he’s not working, Saif likes to cook, play sports and video games, and travel. In 2010, he visited China while learning to speak Mandarin. (We wish Saif a “Shēngrì Kuàilè” as he just celebrated his birthday this weekend!) His favorite part of working at Sulzer is the people and the activities we do together outside of work.

The Sulzer Squad

Lukas Gubo, Application Support Specialist

Meet Lukas Gubo, Application Support Specialist. He started working for Sulzer in the Germany office in August 2014, where he proved his value to the company. When presented with an opportunity that required relocating in 2017, Lukas gladly accepted. He is now in our New Jersey office, building upon a project with international impact. He is gaining greater insight into a variety of projects and a better understanding and connection to our biggest clients. In his down time, Lukas enjoys swimming and bike riding, and has a passion for photography.

The Sulzer Squad

Adrien Atallah, Junior Application Developer

Meet Adrien, Junior Application Developer. As he approaches his one year anniversary at Sulzer US, Adrien notes that his biggest accomplishments have been producing the Inventory web service and launching used cars on the smart phone web application. He hopes to continue growing as a developer and, in his spare time, traveling more. He spends his time participating in an array of activities: surfing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and camping, hiking, and fishing year-round. He also plays the guitar and the piano. Talk about well-rounded! His favorite part about working at Sulzer US is the camaraderie between employees.

A New Face, and Voice

My name is Shannon and I am the new Management Assistant at Sulzer US! I’ve been working closely with the HR team and have the pleasure of taking on responsibility of the Sulzer Blog. I’m excited to continue to share content like the Sulzer Squad and to add a new perspective to other fun weekly posts.

I was previously working for the Marketing department at a law firm in NYC. I handled all office management and extensively tracked expenses, which I will also be doing here at Sulzer. Office size is one of the biggest changes so far. (That, and my commute!!). The firm employed a few thousand people, whereas Sulzer is currently less than 30. The smaller dynamic is already proving to be a welcome change. Everyone is approachable and willing to help as I learn all I can about the company. With characteristics of a startup, I will be able to learn much more than what is required of a typical assistant, and grow as an employee and as a person in the process.

I feel like I already have a connection with this blog. It may, in part, be the reason why I landed this job! I’d done my research prior to interviewing, just as any good candidate does, but I looked beyond just what the company does. I checked out the Sulzer blog and saw that the employees spend time together outside of work also, and I mentioned how attracted I was to this in my interview. The purpose of creating the blog was to showcase the work culture and promote the company to the public. It worked. It caught my attention and made me even more interested to work for Sulzer and to be a part of such a professional, yet sociable team.

When I’m not working, I enjoy being active and visiting new places. I’m fortunate to live in an area with many hiking trails and scenic views like the Hudson River (dirty, but beautiful from 500 feet above). My dog, Brandy, is especially fond of these trails!! As fall approaches, I’m looking forward to doing all the traditional day trips like apple picking and hay rides, and going to the US Open tennis tournament and a few more Yankees games, too! And let’s not forget about the start of football season…(Dear Jets, please get better ASAP.)



I look forward to sharing future Sulzer blog posts with you! Stay tuned…!

The Sulzer Squad

Evgeny Skvaznikov, Java Developer

Meet Evgeny, a Java Developer who has been with the company since October of 2016. He is originally from Russia and worked in Germany for 24 years. Now working at Sulzer US, he has been acclimating to American culture and the workforce. Evgeny is proud of his contributions to the development of the Importer Module for our DSD Application. You can find him running, reading, and writing outside of work, and if you asked him where he preferred to do these activities, he would probably say in Sardinia, Italy, his favorite vacation spot.

A Writer’s Farewell

I hope all of my readers have enjoyed the content of the company blog these past couple of months and have been following along with each story! From employee introductions to company outings and industry trends, the blog has been a portal for the curious and the investigative. But as the next round of articles pump out in the coming two weeks, you may begin to notice some small, but exciting changes, as I end my authorship and pass it off to my colleague!

So who am I?

Hi! My name is Rachael, I am the HR Intern here at Sulzer US who has been the source of your entertainment and your eyes into this very diverse and exciting company! I am a rising senior at Rutgers University, studying Human Resource Management and Labor Studies (yay for people!). My internship here at Sulzer is my first, and has given me the chance to learn so much about HR! I joined the company back in mid May as the HR Intern in a more generalist role, since I didn’t really know what part of HR I wanted to work in. My goal was to gain a comprehensive, all inclusive, hands on experience within the field so that I could find my niche and run with it – this internship did exactly that for me!

At Sulzer US, it’s real beauty lies within its flexibility. This flexibility can take you wherever you want within the company, giving you the capability to learn and grow exponentially and without limits! With this in mind, I carved and molded my internship into something tangible, focusing mainly on recruiting, and touching marketing, and employee engagement, training, and onboarding. Learning about recruitment in school and then actually recruiting for a company are two separate activities. In school, we learn about the theory behind recruiting, and the process of recruiting, along with all of its little pieces…it’s pretty hum-drum and dry.

But taking that process, and bringing it to life: streamlining processes, implementing systems, and connecting with candidates- of the little pieces and parts that come with the recruiting cycle, along with keeping a goal in mind to ultimately reach, is a whole other story. As a part of my recruiting efforts, I created the company blog to give readers a first hand look inside our company while bringing out the best features of each Sulzer character, to show the online world a little bit more of what we do!

The blog was in the works for a few weeks before we got it off the ground, and it took a lot of brainstorming and testing. Just coming up with the name for the Sulzer Squad took me a few days and a few people! I wanted it to be the perfect representation of our company, and capture every little detail of our personalities. Once the Sulzer Squad series lifted off, other posts came easier.

At first I was working closely with my mentor, Lauren, and eventually let go of her hand and took on the project myself. And now I write this farewell as I reach the last two weeks of my internship and pass on the torch to my new colleague, Shannon. This blog has been a substantial part of my internship and I very much enjoyed promoting the company.

My internship with Sulzer will have an everlasting effect on my life, and not only in my late knowledge of HR, but in the people, my skills, and my overall impression of life after college. I have made relationships with some extraordinary people that do not cease to amaze me each day, both inside of work and out. I have gained and sharpened skills (some I didn’t even know I had) that will make me a better HR person, colleague, and friend. And I no longer have fear of life after college, but instead, a fire of motivation within me.

It is a bittersweet goodbye to leave a company that has worked so closely with me to teach me and guide me. I arrived at this company with a bag of ideas, neatly folded and organized, just waiting for the opportunity to be brought to life. But three months later, I leave with my arms overflowing, cascading, blasting with ideas, about to burst!

I hope all of my readers have enjoyed my work, and this piece which is my final one. But I am happy to pass on this role to Shannon because she will bring rich, original ideas to the blog and continue to live through it in new and exciting ways!

Thank you for being loyal readers and I hope that you will continue to spread the word about us and return back each week to read what’s new!