Sulzer Squad

The Sulzer Squad

Nils Schweizer, Service Manager

Meet Nils, Service Manager and Team Lead. Originally from Sulzer GmbH, Nils came to Sulzer US for two years to aid in the company’s growth. One of his favorite parts of working here is the freedom and flexibility, and as he says “Just do it!”, which is a motto that has become part of our culture! Travelling is his passion, and among his list of prospective places to visit, he hopes to familiarize himself with his second home of New Jersey.

The Sulzer Squad

Eric An, Project Manager

Meet Eric, who engaged in the growth and development of young Sulzer US, as the company’s first Project Manager. Upon launching his career with Sulzer, he saw a rare, yet promising opportunity to act as a key player in its startup environment. Now, he enjoys working with a diverse group of people while delivering creative, innovative, and complex solutions to clients. Whiskey and wine tasting is his thing and he hopes to travel to Bora Bora, New Zealand, and Greece someday.

The Sulzer Squad

Julian Offermann, President

Dedication and endurance. That’s the secret to our president, Julian’s success. Five years ago, Julian sat alone and established Sulzer US, building the foundations of who we are today. He enjoys watching his people strive with their challenges and when he’s not working hard in the office, he’s playing hard on the soccer field.