Our Mission

We are a team
of  passionate
striving to disrupt
the IT industry.

Our Team
Our Vision

We are a people first company. After that, we craft technology products that positively impact our world.

Our Team
Our Approach

We leverage core development principles to ensure optimal performance, scalability and adaptability as client needs and technologies evolve.

Our Team

About Us

Building upon decades of automotive experience by German parent company (Sulzer GmbH), Sulzer US was established in the US in 2012.

In less than a decade, we have evolved into a credible technology company delivering innovative cloud, big data, and AI solutions for notable brands including BMW, Audi, Mini, and Daimler with our innovation transcending industries.

This innovation and relentless focus have resulted in long-term partnerships, with average client tenure of 2-5+ years.
And while we have stretched beyond automotive into the mobility sector, our focus remains on solving complex business challenges and customer needs.

We are immersed in electric vehicle and connected cars initiatives - from smart charging applications and charging network software infrastructure, to customer-facing apps.

With offices in Montvale and Washington D.C., and talent across the U.S. and Europe, we are actively expanding our footprint to better serve our current and future customers.

Julian's Story

Julian's interest in technology sparked early on and he knew he wanted to get engaged. From the internals of computer games to realizing the potential of working creatively with technology to change the world.
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Balance is not
something you find,
Balance is something
you create.

Balance is not
something you find,
Balance is something
you create.

Our Values
  1. Responsible.

  2. Team Player.

  3. Forward Thinking.

  4. Fearless.

  5. Realistic.


Get in contact and let's create something great!

Get in contact and let's create something great!

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The Future of Cloud

Public cloud has enabled countless technology start-ups and challenged established businesses to revisit their approach and accelerate their business models. In thinking ahead to what is next, businesses looking to maximize their utilization of cloud are laying the foundation and anticipating inevitable shifts in how we think about cloud and utilize it in the future...

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