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The Jane Goodall Institute of Germany

The Jane Goodall Institute of Germany

The Jane Goodall Institute of Germany
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We are proud to support the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), a global community conservation organization founded by Dr. Goodall in 1977. By protecting chimpanzees and inspiring action to conserve the natural world we all share, they improve the lives of people, animals and the environment.

The organization’s success largely depends on an efficient donations network that empowers volunteers to sustain its mission.

For years, the Institute relied on an outdated and functionally limited website to connect with its constituencies. Also, there were no analytics on site as off-the-shelf tracking tools could not incorporate with the outdated technology.

The biggest challenge of the site was the inability to deploy and leverage an on-line donation tool which was instrumental to the organization.

Partnering with design agency, Spektrum 44, we deployed a new website to better attract private sector donations and corporate sponsors. We incorporated a donation tool which provided donors with a seemless experience.

Once launched, the site was connected to the Google Analytics platform which enables site analytics and provides meaningful data and insights on visitor traffic and user behaviors.

The new website was revealed at the largest event the Institute hosted in Munich, Germany, which Jane Goodall attended.

The reveal garnered major press coverage throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the Institute saw an immediate impact on its fundraising efforts reporting an uptick in donations in the time period that followed.

The biggest success of the project was Sulzer’s ability to incorporate a payment gateway application “Fundraising Box” to more easily enable supporters to donate to the Institute. Notable metrics include:

44.1% increase inorganic traffic

Donate Now page second most visited page, after Home

45k+ users since launch

While our engagement began on a pro-bono basis, our team’s value was recognized with a paid agreement to sustain and continue to evolve the website. Today, we continue to partner with The Jane Goodall Institute of Germany.

The Jane Goodall Institute of Germany

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